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Valentine’s Day and 20 degrees

When last I wrote the year 2020 was ending. For a number that usually makes us think of clear seeing, last year surely wasn’t that. Now it is Valentine’s Day, one of love, and flowers, and thoughts of spring. Except it is 20 degrees here in Texas, which it rarely ever is. I’ve spend the last weeks in the dark, gray days enjoying the brightness of the scenes my mind’s eye finds as I’ve read old and treasured book as well as new ones. I’ve also begun to write discussion questions for SandPeople as requests for those have come in.

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New Year’s Eve…

  Hi, everyone, I’m listening to the very start of sleet tapping on the windows on this dark, cold afternoon, the last of 2020. I took this picture last week watching for the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, on December 21, the longest night of the year. In the longest year that I recall. I did see their glow later, but this picture is right for tonight, a reminder of the moments of beauty that still happened in these long, hard months. I’ve learned things I didn’t expect to this year, about solitude and missing people, and how not to be upside

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A Kirkus Review for SandPeople

Hi, everyone! Are you doing anything for holidays? Kirkus Book Reviews released one for SandPeople this week. SandPeople’s main character is 12 years old, which qualifies this book as both middle-grade and YA reading categories. I’ve put the review except here if you’d like to read it: Title Information: SANDPEOPLE An Across Time Mystery Cheryl Kerr Chanter Press (222 pp.) $9.95 paperback, ISBN 978-0-9883560-2-3 $2.99 e-book, ISBN: 978-0-9883560-3-0 Published August 24, 2020 KIRKUS BOOK REVIEW, excerpt, November 30, 2020… In her debut YA novel, Kerr offers fine character development via a resilient heroine who responds with growing maturity to daunting

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A November Remember and Thanksgiving Wishes

Hi, all, this is the Thanksgiving post from my Cheryl Kerr Books Facebook page…which so far has more than 1100 responses, so I’m sharing it here, too.   Because what goes there, starts here, sort of like Walter Cronkite said about the University of Texas at Austin…please feel free to comment or share, also…   Today is Sunday, November 22, the day we lost JFK in Dallas. The weather here is gray and gentle, as though it is remembering, too. I didn’t really know what that day and happening meant until much later. Today, it turns me to writing my

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