About Cheryl Kerr

Welcome, here you’ll find a bit about me, bits of me and my life trickle into my books, okay, flood into some. My books are all based in fact but then I make up the bits in between to make the story better. And my characters are a blend of the things I notice most of a number of people.

To start with personal things, I love horses, and family. I also sing when I like the song and in the last year as I warble my way through the grocery store, I meet women who look at me as I hum over the cheese and sing back! And we finish the songs together, to the amusement of other shoppers. My kids aren’t so fond of it, thank goodness they shop at other stores.

I’ve spent the last few years taking care of family members. There has been quite an interweaving of publishing and reality. I’ve always written, some organized, some on a variety of whatever paper was at hand when I got that brilliant line that just had to go in a book, when I had time.

The very first essay I ever wrote I sold to Ms. magazine, no agent, just mailed it in. They streamlined as we were in editing and I got it back to sell elsewhere; it was published in Country magazine in the fall, the season of its setting. The cover was beautiful and my dad went all over Austin and bought all the copies he could find.

I have a new book out, and I’m excited at that.

The other major thing is that I’m a brain trauma survivor who is lucky enough to have gained much back through rehabilitation and personal effort. That has changed my world and perspective hugely, I didn’t really know what different is until I was. My website for that is https://cherylswords.com/. I’ll talk about that, too, I still work within that area and things in my life wash over each other.

See my Contact page for a way to reach me. Thank you for being here!

Cheryl Kerr, Author