A Kirkus Review for SandPeople

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Kirkus Book Reviews released one for SandPeople this week. SandPeople’s main character is 12 years old, which qualifies this book as both middle-grade and YA reading categories. I’ve put the review except here if you’d like to read it:

Title Information:


An Across Time Mystery

Cheryl Kerr
Chanter Press (222 pp.)
$9.95 paperback, ISBN 978-0-9883560-2-3
$2.99 e-book, ISBN: 978-0-9883560-3-0
Published August 24, 2020

KIRKUS BOOK REVIEW, excerpt, November 30, 2020…

In her debut YA novel, Kerr offers fine character development via a resilient heroine who responds with growing maturity to daunting adjustments. Adults, too, are capable of growth; the childless Aunt Meg admits honestly that she also needs to change. Lea’s curiosity, intelligence, and hard work as she researches musty archives, joins a dig, and more, are admirable and engaging—a model readers can follow. Another plus is how the search’s practical details and the satisfactions of discovery become as absorbing as the ghost story.

A sensitive coming-of-age tale that shows the rewards of intellectual and personal growth.


Thank you for reading. This book was written about dealing with things we cannot change and have to find a way through. The COVID onset was the reason as I watched the parents and children last spring. If you read SandPeople, I hope you will enjoy the story of being strong in its pages.